Website Monitoring Services

My Site Has Been Down For How Long????

When your site goes down - even for a few short minutes - prospects, customers and clients go elsewhere and your sales go with them. In short, your business is dead in the water. Small- and medium-sized enterprises need strong, smart, and fully-dedicated website monitoring and protection. But you can't monitor your web site 24/7 all on your own. You're too busy just growing your business.

So where do security-minded companies and organizations go for reliable, high-performance site monitoring that won't blow the budget? They turn to Com 1 Communications! We monitor thousands of websites every minute, every hour, every day, 365 days a year!

Our monitoring systems remotely check your website from several geographic monitoring stations at selected intervals. If the monitoring system is unable to reach the site, an email, cell phone or pager alert is sent to notify you of the problem. Some of the key web site monitoring services available include:

• Availability Monitoring
• Performance Monitoring
• Link and Image Checking
• Transaction Monitoring
• Keyword Monitoring
• Historical and Detailed Check and Alert Reporting

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